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You want to become an IT recruiter?​

If you are passionate about talking to people and learning about how is technology actually created, this article is going to be of great help to you.​


How to develop a high-employee engagement culture at your business

How can leaders increase employee engagement? Read the following five ways and know a innovate options.


10 Reasons to Hire an Advisor to Help Sell Your Startup

You know what it takes to start a business – but do you know what it takes to sell one? Think of everything you did to scale your startup: the long hours, stress, endless emails and meetings. Now compress that timeline into a month or two and you have a pretty good idea of the acquisition process and what it takes to make it successful.


Start-UP Guadalajara - Distrito la Perla

For over a decade Jalisco has been hosting IT professionals, offering to corporations the best talent in most of the technologies existing in the market, read more about it in this post.


Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

Have you ever gone to work thinking you are a fraud? Are you convinced that people will guess your intentions and realize that you do not know what you are talking about? Does failure terrify you?


The Great Unboarding

In 2022, Get Ready for the Great OnboardingIt's time for leaders to look at where employees are headed next and to get ready for the next phase of the ever-changing employment situation: